2024 Press Releases

June 06, 2024

SailPoint Integrates Third-Party Risk Scores into Atlas Platform with New Risk Connectors

SailPoint Technologies, Inc., a leader in unified identity security for enterprises, has announced a new offering on its Atlas platform, SailPoint Risk Connectors. As part of its Atlas platform, SailPoint Risk Connectors makes it easier for organisations to make informed access decisions based on an identity’s third-party risk scores. Speed is essential to risk mitigation, especially in the context of delivering secure access to critical data and applications for all enterprise identities today, and SailPoint Risk Connectors is designed to help organisations act quickly if an identity’s risk level changes.

SailPoint Risk Connectors provides third-party risk information from leading vendors like CrowdStrike, Proofpoint, and Elevate Security (acquired by Mimecast) within SailPoint’s Atlas platform. With the third-party risk score assigned to identities, organisations can use automation to adapt access according to risk, ensure least-privilege access, and enhance their overall security posture.

Proofpoint risk score visible as an attribute in the identity

“Our customers tell us that incorporating a real-time view of risk is a top priority for their identity security programs,” explained Grady Summers, SailPoint’s EVP, Product. “We believe SailPoint Atlas provides all of the capabilities to utilise these risk scores from our partners to drive action that helps keep our customers’ data secure. SailPoint Risk Connectors is another example of how we aim to continue the advancement of enterprise security through a unified approach to identity security.”

SailPoint Atlas not only allows the consumption of risk data from other systems, but it enables organisations to visualise the information in the context of identities and their access to execute more informed access decisions quickly. For example, SailPoint’s connectivity framework could respond to a risky user by launching a workflow to disable or suspend access or force an access re-certification. Customers can also view identity risk scores in the SailPoint Access Intelligence Center to better understand trends or hone in on risky user populations. SailPoint Atlas is designed to provide the foundation that brings together a holistic view of every enterprise identity, enriching SailPoint’s data model with the real-time risk data that customers need to secure their organisation and its data.

Summary of risk information across multiple identities

Example of workflow process using risk score change

“Proofpoint’s Nexus People Risk Explorer helps organisations model their risk based on their Very Attacked People and overall attack surface, analysing how people work in high-risk ways, how they are targeted by threats, and how they access valuable data,” said D.J. Long, Vice President, Strategic Alliances and Business Development at Proofpoint. “By integrating these insights into SailPoint's Atlas platform, organisations gain a holistic view to make more informed access decisions, fortify their overall security posture and streamline how they adapt to evolving threats. If a user's risk level spikes, for instance, immediate action can be taken to adjust access privileges and notify security personnel. This collaborative approach dismantles information silos, ensuring risk mitigation is a unified effort."

SailPoint Risk Connectors is available for Identity Security Cloud (Standard, Business and Business Plus) customers.