2024 Press Releases

June 10, 2024

iProov Earns First FIDO Certification for Face Verification

iProov, a leading provider of science-based biometric identity solutions, announces today that its Dynamic Liveness Solution, the science powering the iProov Biometric Solution Suite’s Remote Onboarding and Authentication solutions, is the first to achieve the new global certification on face biometric identity verification from the FIDO Alliance. The FIDO Alliance is an open industry association whose mission is to reduce the world’s reliance on passwords. This program is the premier certification to assess the performance and usability of remote identity verification systems based on facial biometrics.

In a rigorous process conducted by Ingenium Biometrics, a FIDO face verification accredited lab, which consisted of no less than 10,000 tests, iProov's Dynamic Liveness achieved a flawless success record with no attacks passing the system. These results set a new benchmark for accuracy and reliability, achieving a 0% Imposter Attack Presentation Accept Rate (IAPAR), and a 0.14% False Reject Rate (FRR).

Digital identity verification has seen exponential growth over the past five years. According to Juniper Research, more than 70 billion digital identity checks are expected in 2024. This growth is largely driven by digital transformation, which has moved traditionally in-person services online and increased the criticality of establishing trust with users. The new FIDO program aims to empower organisations to make informed decisions when selecting biometric identity verification solutions and ensure secure, resilient, and equitable access to digital services for everyone.

"For the first time, governments and enterprises worldwide can rely on an industry-recognised, large-scale biometric performance standard and certification program.  Finally, they can specify and procure biometrics with presentation attack liveness defences with confidence in a third-party benchmark,” said Andrew Bud, Founder and CEO of iProov. “iProov is delighted to have met and exceeded this standard. Our status as the only vendor so far to successfully pass this program underwrites the trust in iProov shown by so many governments, large enterprises, and leading trust service providers."

“FIDO Alliance’s face verification certification program is a strategic expansion of our market-leading certification program that reflects the importance of onboarding, enrollment, and re-binding of identities to accounts.  Enterprises should seek products with this certification to mitigate the threat that hackers present during the creation and/or recovery of online accounts,” said Andrew Shikiar, FIDO Alliance Executive Director and CEO. “Strengthening these core vulnerability points bolsters our commitment to reducing the world’s reliance on passwords and other knowledge-based credentials and will help provide greater trust and end-to-end support to the ecosystem.”

Industry Perspectives from Key Partners
“Ping has long supported the industry evolving from knowledge-based approaches to type 3 strong authentication methods that verify a person's identity using biometrics. This announcement from FIDO and iProov is a signal to the industry that inherence-based approaches are critical for robust onboarding and account recovery,” said Loren Russon, SVP Product & Technology Alliances, Ping Identity. “The FIDO certification of iProov’s Dynamic Liveness solution strengthens its innovative approach to facial verification and further enhances the PingOne DaVinci orchestration platform and the Ping Identity portfolio, empowering even more customers and partners with increased value.”

"iProov has once again set the standard in biometrics by becoming the first and only solution to be certified by the FIDO Alliance for the performance of remote biometric identity verification technology,” said Justin Soong, Chief Executive Officer, Authsignal. We're excited to continue to partner with iProov to deliver the newly certified iProov Dynamic Liveness Solution orchestrated with Authsignal's flagship customer-tuned FIDO2/Passkeys authentication. This powerful combination closes the loop and allows customers to rapidly deploy and meet the evolving threats posed by generative AI attacks, keeping customers safe while not sacrificing user experience."