2024 Press Releases

June 11, 2024

Group-IB Strengthens Global Security with SOC-CMM Partnership

Group-IB, a global leader in cybersecurity technologies to investigate, prevent, and fight digital crime, proudly announces its partnership with the Security Operations Center-Capability & Maturity Model (SOC-CMM) as its first Silver Support Partner in the Asia-Pacific region. This strategic collaboration aims to enhance the capabilities of Security Operations Centers (SOCs) worldwide through comprehensive assessments, consulting services, and targeted training.

The SOC-CMM model, initially conceived as a scientific research project, has evolved into the de facto standard for measuring capability maturity in SOCs, focusing on specific technologies and processes. Group-IB's role as a Silver Support Partner will involve offering in-depth counsel, conducting workshops, and delivering training to aid organisations in implementing and complying with SOC-CMM standards.

As a Silver Support Partner, Group-IB will also leverage its extensive expertise and Digital Crime Resistance Centers (DCRCs) located in the Middle East, Europe, Central Asia, and the Asia-Pacific to deliver SOC-CMM advisory services globally.

Vladimir Goliashev, Director, of Cyber Defence & SOC Consulting at Group-IB, stated: "Becoming the first SOC-CMM Silver Partner in Asia is a testament to Group-IB's commitment to advancing cybersecurity standards globally. Our DCRCs play an essential role in enabling us to conduct SOC-CMM assessments worldwide and provide tailored solutions that help organisations pinpoint areas for improvement, understand associated costs, and support budget requests. Through these assessments, we validate and justify SOC improvement plans in relation to business risk reduction, benchmark SOC performance against industry standards, and develop actionable roadmaps for achieving desired security postures."

Rob van Os, CEO of SOC-CMM, remarked: "SOC-CMM is proud to announce that it has partnered with Group-IB, a leading creator of cybersecurity technologies aimed at investigating, preventing, and combating digital crime, to extend its support partner network to new regions. As its first Silver Partner in Asia and with Digital Crime Resistance Centers in the Middle East, Europe, Central Asia, and the Asia-Pacific, this partnership will enable Group-IB to provide Security Operations Center (SOC) advisory services to organisations around the world that would like to grow and mature their operations."