2023 Press Releases

November 17, 2023

ESET Unveils Comprehensive Protection Solution for Consumers

ESET, a global leader in cybersecurity, just announced the launch of its new innovative and streamlined offering for consumers. With more than 30 years on the market, ESET has moved to unify its broadly deployed consumer product portfolio. Specifically, ESET is introducing two brand-new customer-centric subscription tiers, namely ESET HOME Security Essential and ESET HOME Security Premium, providing both broad and reliable digital life protection with new features such as Browser Privacy & Security extension.
Responding to the increasing demand for an all-in-one solution that offers intuitive use of these new features, ESET is introducing an improved ESET HOME. A comprehensive security management platform, ESET HOME is available across all major operating systems—Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS—and includes visibility into home networks and connected smart devices.
"Today's digital landscape has become increasingly sophisticated, with online threats, such as phishing and banking scams, frequently making headlines. At ESET, we are committed to empowering consumers to remain protected online. The new ESET HOME Security is powered by a combination of AI, human insight, and cloud protection, providing all-in-one security solutions that enable our users to safeguard themselves, their families, and their homes from various digital threats. This will enable them to connect, explore, shop, bank, and thrive in the digital space," said Parvinder Walia, ESET President for Asia Pacific and Japan.


Complete Security Management Platform
Research among ESET customers shows that the vast majority of ESET HOME users define themselves as home admins, those who take care of their household’s digital security. They are tech-savvy but do not want to spend much time managing ESET products. To meet customers’ needs, ESET has made improvements to ESET HOME. Now, as a complete security management platform and easy-to-use web portal and mobile app, it is a seamless part of the user experience. In this place, managing devices, online purchases, subscription activation and renewal, downloading or upgrading security solutions, and enabling powerful functionalities like Password Manager and more, are all a seamless part of existing user flows.
To enhance user experience and simplify the platform’s management, ESET has made several interface changes, including the introduction of our Overall Protection Status, so users can see the level of protection for their household in one view. This combines both the validity status of a user’s licenses and the security status of devices connected to the account in three categories: Protected, Attention Required, and Security Alert.
These changes aim to provide customers with cutting-edge protection, while minimal interaction is needed to set up the product. At the same time, the new ecosystem provides meaningful options and functionality for proactive users who want to control and customise it.
Explore New Subscription Tiers And Their Features
Also introduced with this launch are new subscription tiers for the ecosystem—ESET HOME Security Essential and ESET HOME Security Premium. Subscription tiers provide all-in-one protection covering the complex needs of individuals and their households for digital life privacy and security. ESET HOME Security subscriptions are available on all major operating systems —Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.
ESET HOME Security Essential is an entry-level subscription tier with protection features including improved modern endpoint security, multilayered real-time protection, as well as additional tools that further enhance the user’s ability to protect against various threats. Included are the Safe Banking & Browsing feature, designed to protect user’s sensitive data, and Network Inspector, a diagnostic tool providing information on the security of the user’s router and display of devices connected to the network. Newly developed browser extensions (compatible with Chrome, Edge, and Firefox) provide enhancement of the Browser Privacy & Security feature. It includes cleanup tool such as Browser Cleanup, that cleans cookies, history, and much more from the browser regularly or on-demand
The middle tier, ESET HOME Security Premium, extends the feature set further by adding other security functionalities such as a Password Manager that protects and stores users’ passwords and personal data. This includes an automatic and accurate form-filling feature, saving their time when filling out web forms. Secure Data functionality boosts their privacy and security with powerful encryption of files and removable media, preventing data theft in the event of USB or laptop loss, and ensuring secure collaboration and data sharing. ESET HOME Security Premium also offers the ESET LiveGuard tool, a cloud-based protection specifically designed to mitigate never-before-seen threats.
The most advanced subscription tier, ESET HOME Security Ultimate, will be released in Q1 2024 and comes with brand-new ESET features such as VPN.  
Device-tailored security solutions
ESET HOME Security takes device protection to a new level by seamlessly integrating a suite of standalone device protection solutions tailored to meet customers’ security needs. This includes ESET Antivirus, ESET Mobile Security (EMS), Parental Control, and ESET Smart TV Security.
More information about the new consumer offering and subscription tiers can be found here.