2023 Press Releases

February 13, 2023

Check Point Software Launches Quantum SD-WAN to Secure Branch Offices and Enhance Internet Connectivity

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDQ: CHKP), a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions globally, has today introduced Check Point Quantum SD-WAN, a new software blade in the Check Point Quantum Gateways. Check Point Quantum SD-WAN combines the highest level of security with optimised network and internet connectivity to protect branch offices from fifth generation of cyberattacks.

In a traditional network architecture, all traffic is routed through the data center before reaching its intended destination in cloud, creating a bottleneck that can slow down performance. To improve performance and reduce costs, enterprises are connecting branches directly to the cloud using Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) technology. However, most existing SD-WAN technologies in the market are not built with security in mind. Connecting branch office SD-WANs directly to the internet bypasses traditional datacenter-based security, exposing branch offices to cyberattacks. 

According to the latest Miercom report, Check Point Quantum gateways block 99.7% of new malware and phishing attacks while preventing zero-days and ransomware attacks. Deployed at the branch level, it offers an affordable solution that provides the highest level of security, while also optimising connectivity for users and over 10,000 applications.

Eyal Manor, VP Product Management at Check Point Software Technologies said: “Many organisations have gone through a period of accelerated digital transformation in recent years. Services and applications have migrated to the cloud, which lead to a shift from traditional data center connectivity to direct branch-to-internet connectivity. During that transition, many branches sacrificed robust security for speed and agility, which increased the risk of cyberattacks and inconsistent security policies. With Check Point’s Quantum SD-WAN, branch offices get the highest level of security, without compromising on connectivity, in a consolidated and cost-effective solution.”

Check Point’s Quantum SD-WAN capabilities include: 

  • Uncompromised branch security: Branches no longer need to choose between rapid connectivity and security. Blocking 99.7% of new malware, Quantum SD-WAN prevents all branch threats, including known and unknown threats, DNS attacks, ransomware and phishing. 

  • No more Zoom interruptions: Robust security doesn’t need to get in the way of digital transformation. With sub-second failover of unstable connections for uninterrupted web conferencing, the solution optimises routing for over 10,000 applications and users while monitoring internet connectivity for latency, jitter, and packet loss.

  • A complete SASE solution: With the latest addition to its portfolio, Check Point provides consistent security and connectivity across users and branch offices. Combining Quantum SD-WAN and Harmony Connect (SSE) delivers a complete security and internet access solution (SASE) managed from the Check Point Infinity cloud platform. 

“Given applications are now distributed across multiple clouds, organisations that are still routing all traffic through the data centre to ensure security have application latency challenges causing poor user experiences,” stated Bob Laliberte, ESG Principal Analyst, Networking. “Modern IT environments require SD-WAN solutions that enable branch offices to have direct access to cloud applications without sacrificing security. Check Point’s Quantum SD-WAN takes a security-first approach to networking enabling enterprise to optimise both performance and security for the best user experiences.”